Short on Inspiration? What’s Your Groove Writing Playlist is Live!


I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life. That’s a lyric from Phil Collins’ song, “In the Air Tonight.” I haven’t been waiting for this playlist link-up for quite that long, but I’ve been pretty stoked about it all month! Today we’re sharing our favorite writing grooves in the first ever link-up at Creative + Free. Got your playlist ready? The link-up is live here.

Finding My Groove

My love affair with music began with childhood living room dance parties to Amy Grant and Petra, later recording sessions with Phil Collins and Belinda Carlisle from the radio to my boombox. It continued with Mozart and Chopin at piano recitals and Carmina Burana and Ave Maria in college choir. (In so many ways, the first half of my life was chasing music and running away from words. But I’m over that now.)

Then I got the chance to sing Top 40 hits in church. No joke. Lady Antebellum, Sarah McLachlan, Pink, and so much more. We played anything and everything to share God’s love with people.

Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t true: Adele can double as praise music.

Those Sunday morning music medleys to Beyonce, Madonna, and the Muse broadened my musical tastes, and most importantly, helped me find my groove. The music I write to hardly sounds like the hymns and etudes on which I was raised. It’s tinged with poetic, melancholy lyrics, vacillating dramatically between a steady, techno-driven beat, 80’s-tinged crowd-moving anthems, and hopelessly lovesick ballads in a minor-key. This is my unique mixtape, and it is totally me.

Music is a deeply personal experience.

Making Your Mixtape

So what are you?

  • Words or no words?
  • Classical, indie, pop, Christian, or country?
  • Upbeat or overflowing with cathartic blues?
  • Different depending on the day?
  • A cacophony of sounds?

The Power of a Playlist

Music has the power to move us beyond ourselves. Like the written word, music consoles our sorrows and lifts our spirits. It sets our feet to dancing and can send our fingers flying over the keyboard when silence stifles the creative muses.

I love what Kristin Hill Taylor said,

Playlists are my love language!

Most of us haven’t been waiting for this playlist link-up all our lives, but we’re pretty darn excited it’s here! Like a series of well-crafted chapters or a collection of poignant poems, a personal playlist can help us connect to ourselves, to God and to the beautiful, broken human experience we all share.

Link up your playlist here.groovetowrite-1

P.S. We are gonna have so much musical inspiration for writing 31 days in October!

Note: You do not have to be a serious writer or blogger to participate. The only requirement is an awesome creativity-inducing playlist!

What’s the story behind your groove?

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September 20, 2016