31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes: 2016 Edition + Link-up

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It’s time for the 2016 edition of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes— a writing link-up in conjunction with the annual Write 31 Days Challenge.

31 Days is a collaboration of bloggers worldwide who post on their own blogs every single day during October.

Creatively Intrigued? All the info is at write31days.com.

The 5 Within 31

We’ve been calling 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes a “challenge within the challenge.” It means posting on your blog every day in the month of October but composing each post in only five minutes flat.

Kate Motaung, last year’s host, calls it a month-long Five Minute Friday party! Go sneak a peak at the beautiful writing madness from 2015 here.

The Prompts

On the list of prompts, you’ll see “Five Minute Friday Prompt.” This means I’ll announce the prompt on Thursday evening at 9 P.M. CST each week. “Where will this wonderful announcement occur?” you might ask. I will post it here on the blog and at the weekly #fmfparty Twitter party which happens on Thursday evenings.

These parties happen to be da bomb! We pass around mugs of chocolate brownies and cheer each other on from all over the world. You simply must join us.

Before we all lose our minds in anticipation, here are the prompts for the 2016 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes:


Click the graphic to download a black + white version.

My posts for the series (links go live at 7 P.M. CST the day before):


When You’d Rather Roll, Not Walk {Day 1 :: WALK}

Don’t Wash This Out {Day 2 :: PAINT}

No Frumpy on These Hangers {Day 3 :: WARDROBE}

Brew, A Prayer {Day 4 :: BREW}

Don’t Break the Silence {Day 5 :: SILENCE}

Be the You We Love {Day 6 :: YOU}

Failing the Test: FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 7 :: TEST}

Just Try to Muddle Up Grace {Day 8 :: MUDDLE}

Stick It Like A Post-It {Day 9 :: POST-IT}

Wild God, Unknown Territory {Day 10 :: UNKNOWN}

Thanks Is This Writer’s Drug {Day 11 :: THANKS}

Sky Blue Atmospheric Mystery {Day 12 :: SKY}

Aware Enough to Be Alive {Day 13 :: AWARE}

Mail Me a Letter, God: FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 14 :: MAIL}

Move Me Down the Mountain {Day 15 :: MOVE}

Little Praise from Such as These {Day 16 :: LITTLE}

Transcend the Study. Be the Story. {Day 17 :: STUDY}

No Perfect Neighbor {Day 18 :: NEIGHBOR}

To Be Noticed {Day 19 :: NOTICE}

Take Back Your Weekend {Day 20 :: WEEKEND}

Walk, Park, Peace, in That Order FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 21}

When off Is Good {Day 22 :: OFF}

God Grows Beauty from Our Blowouts {Day 23 :: BLOWOUT}

Bust the Self-Made Epicenter. Go Global. {Day 24 :: GLOBAL}

When You Ask for a Sign {Day 25 :: SIGN}

Confront the Empty {Day 26 :: CONFRONT}

You Are the Gathered Bouquet {Day 27 :: BOUQUET}


I Think He Likes Me {Day 29 :: DATE}

I Can’t Cut This Part Out {Day 30 :: CUT}

We’re All a Bunch of Onlys {Day 31 :: ONLY}

What Inspired the Prompts

It might help both your writing AND spiritual life. Double whammy!

I loved the 40 Days of Tiny Adventures with God Charissa Steyn from Art of Adventure created. It’s packed with little steps to experience the divine in fresh ways. Using her 31 to do’s as inspiration, I created our 31 prompts for the October writing challenge.

If you’d like to deepen your relationship with God through this experience, consider doing her challenges and blogging about the experiences. They match up beautifully with the writing prompts.

Where to Link Up

(In case you’re wondering, I’ll list my posts in the series under the prompt graphic).

  1. This page will be the first location where you’ll want to link up with an introductory post (such as a contents page or landing page) below. You’ll simply enter your URL and information into a linky tool which will appear when collection opens at 7 P.M. CST Friday, September 30.
  2. The second location to link up your post or page is the official Write 31 Days site. Collection opens at October 1st at 8 A.M. CST.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Participants of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes have the option to:

  • Do as your told: use the list of prompts above;
  • Be a rebel: choose your own topics entirely; or
  • Get your literary on: fit the prompts into a specific theme.

The Best Part About This

What I love about this most is checking out what others are writing and cheering them on! We’re a virtual fan club and flash mob of free writing encouragement. Seriously, who doesn’t need more of that in her life?


Please use #Write31Days and #5MFW to share the news about 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.


  1. 10 Helps to Write 31 Days, Finish Well, and Keep Writing Afterward 
  2. Write 31 Days Facebook Group

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SO IMPORTANT: make time to visit your fellow writers’ blogs and leave an encouraging comment. We can’t do this alone, ya’ll!

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