Beauty Rewrites: You are Beautiful. Believe it. (by Ludavia Harvey)

Beauty Rewrites (1)

Do you believe you are beautiful? It’s a question I’ve struggled with my whole life. Today we are kicking off Beauty Rewrites: a body image series for women to help us get on good terms with our bodies. Join us for the next 12 Tuesdays with posts from blogger Ludavia Harvey at, fiction author Emily Conrad, and me.

Worth. Skin. Makeup. Size. Image. Confidence. Comparison. Aging. Culture. Clothes. God.

These words bring up questions about who we are and where we find our value as women. We’ll be taking a closer look at each of them. We hope this series inspires us all to stop pursuing perfection and learn to embrace what’s true and sacredly beautiful about ourselves.

Today Ludavia Harvey kicks off our series by offering three ways to emit true beauty, the kind you can truly accept.

She says,

Let me tell you this in love: you are more than a number on a scale and a beauty product. You are a woman who smiles at strangers and brightens their day. You are a woman who builds others up. You have an awesome heart. You bring beauty to this world. Believe it. Walk outside knowing you are beautiful.

Forget Ideal. Embrace the real. Follow me to Ludavia’s blog to read more…

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May 10, 2016