When You Need a Rest Stop to Refuel


Rest eludes me this week. When I read the word for today’s Five Minute Friday prompt, I exhaled in relief because I want it so badly. To be free of worry. Constraint. Deadlines. Obligations. Opportunities.

Right after my sister’s wedding, I had planned to kick up my feet and call my work done and good for the month. But I was notified that a chance to meet with a publisher opened up at the writing conference I’m attending at the end of July. A challenge I had prayed about and had somewhat prepared for, but there’s much to be done.

I know I’m not the only one who feels the rush of summer and the flurry of wonderful things clamoring for attention.

The pace at which we race in this world is startling. Tweet This

I felt it last night as the kids devoured Ben and Jerry’s ice cream covered in jelly beans and danced around the living room. A moment I should have been enjoying and savoring instead of getting annoyed.

After they went to bed, I struggled to quiet down. (It’s summer and we stay up late and sleep in with the morning’s quiet because we can.) My mind raced with every piddly task nagging at my heels.

I remembered how a year ago I experienced true rest. Sabbath rest. Full stop. In the home of my dear friend Marla who was living in South Korea, we prepared for the day of rest with anticipation. A beautiful meal decked the table on Friday night. We stopped everything in the midst of a crazy world to experience the presence of God.

When you rest in the midst of an ever-spinning world, you see the smallness of your striving. And you’re free. Free to feast on the Father’s love you were needing to taste again.

Last night I stopped everything and went to bed early. I woke up early with the pink sunrise and meditated on the love of the Father, the one who soothes my soul.

If you need the Father’s love to permeate your life, then rest.Tweet This (I’m saying it for the both of us.)

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June 24, 2016