Remarks on The Fantasy Fallacy

Ethridge has opened up the doors to talking about sexuality in the Christian community (esp. for women!) with books like Every Woman’s Battle and The Sexually Confident Wife, but she blew the barn doors off with this one! She explores the way the mind processes sexual fantasy and the deeper meanings behind those many, and varied bents. Who wants to admit the disturbing ways our minds work at times, especially in churches?


Ethridge digs into hot topics (homosexuality, pornography) with fair treatment of the current cultural arguments, pressures, and evidence. Then she responds to similar topics brought up in Fifty Shades of Grey (sadomasochism, rape, abuse, and the like). She carefully digs into the possible “whys” of these fantasies and how the human mind creates aberrations to heal itself and to cope with pain.

Instead of condemning and giving a 3 step plan to rid oneself of these fantasies forever, she says, “We need to remember that our sexuality is a beautiful gift from God and is as unique as our own fingerprints, that sexual confusion comes part and parcel with being human, that sexual fantasies are perfectly normal, but we can control them rather than let them control us. And we need to remember that God doesn’t just speak to us through sermons or scriptures. Just as He did in biblical times, He often speaks to us through dreams while we are asleep or through our thoughts and fantasies while we are wide awake.” Finding the deeper meaning behind the mental roller coaster of sexual fantasy in light of what the Bible says isn’t what you will find any nice church ladies talking about, but Ethridge is changing that. Thank God!

Check it out.

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October 19, 2012