What Going Without Makeup Taught Me (by Emily Conrad)

Image via DodgertonSkillhause @morguefile.com

Image via DodgertonSkillhause @morguefile.com

Makeup. It’s a whole thing. We use mascara to make our lashes long and attractive. Blush to give us color. Bronzer to make us more tan. Concealer to cover freckles, acne, and scars. (I’ve used the stuff since elementary school.) We wear it to make a statement or feel better about ourselves, to get noticed or to be like everyone else. 

I’ve always admired women who bare their natural faces. It’s been a life goal of mine to get to that point. But there’s that nagging question, “Will I be beautiful enough without it?” For many of us, going without makeup feels like this huge exposing reveal.  That’s why I love Emily Conrad’s post today in Beauty Rewrites. 

She decided to go sans makeup at work. 

“As a quiet introvert, I needed something to make me special and help me stand out from the crowd…It would be humbling to admit who I was without this kind of smoothed-on beauty.”

What she said.

Emily expected coworkers to give her a big reaction. They often asked Emily if she was sick when she didn’t wear eyeliner. (Major ugh.) That’s the equivalent of asking a non-pregnant woman her due date.

But what happened on her makeup-free trial wasn’t what she expected at all.

I’ll let her tell the story. Follow me on over to her blog.

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Beauty Rewrites is a body image series for women to help us get on good terms with our bodies. Join us for a 3-month series every Tuesday with stories from Ludavia Harvey at NiftyBetty.com, Emily Conrad, and Christina Hubbard at Creative and Free. We hope this series inspires us all to stop pursuing perfection and learn to embrace what’s true and sacredly beautiful about ourselves.

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Forget Ideal. Embrace the Real.

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June 14, 2016