Thanks, but No Thanks // How Laser Focus Is Teaching Me Work-Life Balance (by Dusty Hegge)

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We’re all fighting for focus: to be productive and be present to our people. I’m so thankful for this last post by Dusty Hegge in our Thanks, but No Thanks series. It’s all about priorities.

Learning how to be content with where God has placed yousay no more often and set healthy boundaries are all essential in allowing yourself to be free for the best things God that has for you. The thing is it doesn’t stop there. Setting attainable goals and prioritizing my daily to-dos are nonnegotiable when it comes to having laser-focus to succeed and grow my blog or in anything else for that matter!

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I have loved working with Dusty on this series. We have both learned so much about freedom and working together for a greater goal.

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What have you enjoyed about this series? What have we missed? 

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November 24, 2015