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I am a poet who writes memoir.

Words help me make sense of my noisy life with a hefty dose of faith and beauty. The stories I write focus on living creatively with courage and purpose.

I’m not afraid to wade through the nitty gritty places with you: insecurity, fear, anxiety, body image, just to name a few. There’s no skipping the hard stuff here, because that’s where the healing starts. Let’s be overcomers together.

You can read more of my story in my ebook.

My Words

We all need to know we are more than what we do. (I can never hear that enough.) Our broken pieces matter to God. He knows our stories and makes them better. That’s why I created Creative and Free. This is a story haven, for the brave and broken-hearted—those of us who want to take our joy back and bask in God’s glory.

I am also a Writing Group Leader for Compel Training. Each week I collaborate with a team of writers here in cyberspace. We critique, share, and encourage one another on this crazy creative journey. They have helped me with branding, blogging, and bad days. I pretty much can’t live without them.

Typically, I post two times a week here at Creative and Free. I have blogged since 2010. My work appears internationally in various online and print publications.

My Voice

Writers often have a complex about finding their true voice. It takes practice. Years of singing at church is where I found the beautiful collision of words, rhythm, art, and connection. Speaking is one place I truly feel alive. There’s nothing like connecting eye to eye, heart to heart with others.

I speak at retreats, events, and conferences on Christ-based identity, authentic faith, and creative courage. Other services I offer are:

  • Writing workshops for creative leaders.
  • Guided meditation based on Lectio Divina.
  • Holy Yoga classes to practice the presence of God wholeheartedly.

If you are looking for a presenter for your event, contact me at: christina@creativeandfree.com. I can also work with you to customize a session for your event.


christinah-21I grew up the daughter of a church music director and a music teacher in Memphis: the land of blues, BBQ, and Elvis. After high school, I high-tailed it to Kansas City. In college, I studied under the spires of Oxford, back-packed through Europe, and earned a degree in writing. My husband and I married in 2001.

After living a rather boring existence as a technical writer, I became a mama. I put on my yoga pants, drew with sidewalk chalk every day, and never looked back.

I homeschooled my children for four years. Now I write in every pocket life affords. I’m also a Holy Yoga R-YHI 225 instructor. Integrating words and movement has transformed my spiritual life.

My Familyimage

We make our home on the suburban prairie of Kansas City. My logical, creative husband Bobby motivates me to write. I am mama to two artistic, squirrelly kiddos: Abby and Kyle. I’m pretty sure they will change the world.

Besides doing yoga in the sun, I love reading poetry aloud, roadtripping the country with my little tribe in the minivan, and finding wonder in my kids’ big eyes.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find inspiration, courage, and meaning here. You are always welcome.

In this with you and for you,





Creative writer. Courage finder.

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Contact & Collaboration

I love to work with other writers and makers. If you’re interested in collaboration or just want to say hello, send me an email at christina@creativeandfree.com or comment below.

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