Be the You We Love {Day 6 :: YOU}


You is the inner part of me I struggle to show to you even now. It’s the part of me born of compassion which showed up at age 30, P.K. (post kids)—a little late. You is the half of me who loves as one loved, with nothing to lose and nothing to prove.

This side of self rests in the tension of being remade. She lets her heart be exposed, raw and wrong, or right and unrighteous.

She is the woman in the mirror unashamed of scars and lines and ongoing acne. She is the part of me living for her and now, the one who knows every cell is dying and still, she smiles when crying seems easier. She’s not afraid of the weakness rude people bring out in her and she steps right into the rage which used to consume her days.

She is the you who knows and says, “Love, God cares. It is forgotten. Don’t you know? Simply be the you we are, the you we love.”

This post is Day 6 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016

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October 5, 2016