What I Am Worth // Day 18


Worth is a mirror,
A shining image of what is.
How the light catches my skin and eye,
The gleam of a dream
I hope to be,
I think?

Then I see how a dream is not
The me I am
That you see.

Just as I see you differently
Than you see your skin & eyes.

Worth is deep like soul,
Tide of God rushing in and out
Washing our faces
Clean & seeing
The shining promise of the time,
Shaped gems & pebbles,
We are.

This is why I let my daughter
See my bare face.
I tell her the scars are to me, are evidence of
What God’s love is,
God’s hope IS,


I take her to the beach
Whenever I can.
The water shows our skin, white and shining in the sun with shells
We feel worth in the water & the knowing of our God.

True worth comes in knowing God loves us in spite of how worthy we feel. Tweet This

This is Day 18 of 31 Days of Poetry.

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October 18, 2015