The Work You Love

// Finding the work I love to do has taken years to implement, to grow into. A friend asked me over dinner recently, “Have you always been writing?” Yes, and no. It’s the thing I love to do but often ran away from. I used to scrawl poems in spiral notebooks and journals, on the back of napkins and church bulletins. In the back of my mind though, I never truly believed God would bless my work.

I thought being a creative writer was great, but the question in my mind: could I produce something real and worthy? Could I make a living at it? Money has never been a real driving force in my life (except to fund my travels and adventures), but for some reason, having dollar bills seemed like verifiable proof my work was worth something.

What I’ve learned over years of running away from the craft I love and finding it again, of homeschooling my kids and learning alongside them, and of recently starting my Holy Yoga certification, what I’ve learned is this: //

Finding the work you love is worth the fight.Tweet This

God doesn’t give us passions so we can prove our worth. He blesses us with the satisfaction of knowing we sweat, study, and scribble for Him alone.

Sally Clarkson says in Own Your Life:

It is an illusion to think that any great work of beauty ever comes naturally.  It comes to life little by little by countless days of diligent hard work.

Tuesday I got a check for $18.78 for my ebook I wrote 2 years ago. My first payment for writing since I started my writing career. As I show up to the page day after day, practice on my yoga mat to start a small business, and pack lunches for my kids, I know all of it is the work I love. Ten minutes here, thirty there, the days turn into years. A growing sense of gratitude grows within me. Yes, I’d keep doing it for free, forever.

I’m writing this post with the Five Minute Friday community. Our one-word writing prompt was WORK. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes.

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September 8, 2017