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// Finding the work I love to do has taken years to implement, to grow into. A friend asked me over dinner recently, “Have you always been writing?” Yes, and no. It’s the thing I love to do but often ran away from. I used to scrawl poems in spiral notebooks and journals, on the back of napkins and church bulletins. In the back of my mind though, I never truly believed God would bless my work.

I thought being a creative writer was great, but the question in my mind: could I produce something real and worthy? Could I make a living at it? Money has never been a real driving force in my life (except to fund my travels and adventures), but for some reason, having dollar bills seemed like verifiable proof my work was worth something.

What I’ve learned over years of running away from the craft I love and finding it again, of homeschooling my kids and learning alongside them, and of recently starting my Holy Yoga certification, what I’ve learned is this: //

Finding the work you love is worth the fight.Tweet This

God doesn’t give us passions so we can prove our worth. He blesses us with the satisfaction of knowing we sweat, study, and scribble for Him alone.

Sally Clarkson says in Own Your Life:

It is an illusion to think that any great work of beauty ever comes naturally.  It comes to life little by little by countless days of diligent hard work.

Tuesday I got a check for $18.78 for my ebook I wrote 2 years ago. My first payment for writing since I started my writing career. As I show up to the page day after day, practice on my yoga mat to start a small business, and pack lunches for my kids, I know all of it is the work I love. Ten minutes here, thirty there, the days turn into years. A growing sense of gratitude grows within me. Yes, I’d keep doing it for free, forever.

I’m writing this post with the Five Minute Friday community. Our one-word writing prompt was WORK. // indicates the start and stop of five minutes.

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September 8, 2017
  • I often think that if I ‘just had more time’ I could be more productive…and then a lazy day comes along and I waste it doing junk (like talking to Apple support for 90 minutes about my computer’s tendency to just shut down for no reason) instead of writing. For me, learning to fill random time slots with disciplined writing seems to be easier than looking at a whole day and saying, “I’m going to write all day today.”

    • I hear you, Anita. I often get more done in those short slots too. Sorry your computer is freezing!

  • Emma Hughes

    Congratulations! I love that you got paid but still came to the realisation that the work transcends the need for payment. Your writing is a blessing to all around you as you share your heart, passion and creativity xx

  • Christina, i enjoyed reading this post about the work GOD give us to do…along with the passions that come with it:) #62

  • Karrilee Aggett

    Oh Yes and Amen! I love that quote from Sally… isn’t that the lie we allow the enemy to whisper to us again and again until it feels like truth? That everyone else just does it with no effort. Great post… and good work! (Ha! Ya see what I did there?)

    • Karrilee, slay it, sister! Great funny:) Keep working out the words. #withyou

  • Bethany Vitaro

    This post made me well upside. I’ve always wanted to be a writer or as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of years scrawling on the side while I paid bills through a day job. Now I scrawl on a blog between lessons and dinner making. I’m having my first professional article published, but it doesn’t pay. Some how, it doesn’t feel real. But you are right, our work is always worth the fight.

    • Bethany, congrats on your article! It is real for everyone who reads your words and are moved to think and live differently. I can relate to that unreal feeling too. For me, that is realizing there are deeper stories I haven’t been brave enough to write just yet, or maybe I haven’t found the best form for my words, but I’m getting there, step by step, becoming more the person God designed me to be. I wonder what it might be for you, under the all the words? Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • I love this reminder that God gives us passions to use for him and that we should keep doing that and leave it in his hands.

  • Tara L Ulrich

    I’ll write for free too! I definitely don’t do it for the money. So much THIS: “It is an illusion to think that any great work of beauty ever comes naturally. It comes to life little by little by countless days of diligent hard work.” I’m in the 33 spot this week.

  • gabriele

    When you wrote the words that you didn’t really believe God would bless your work, I had to stop. Wow, how would it look if I recognized how God blesses my work. It is easy to look to others to see the reflection of how our work looks. But, in Gods eyes I see that my work is magnified by his strengthening. Thank-you.

    • Hi, Gabriele, it’s not easy to do every day, but He empowers better than we could ever do for ourselves!

  • Yes, finding the work you love is worth the fight. Well said. Thank you for sharing. Love and blessings from your neighbor at FMF.

    • Hi, Mari-Anna (love your name, btw), thank you for commenting and joining us for Five Minute Friday!