Only Trust the Weak Superhero

I loved Clark Kent best

When he was at the end of the proverbial rope,

When a mishap encounter with kryptonite

Left him huddled sick,

Nearly dying in his high-rise apartment.

Lois Lane found him in the dark:

Powerless, undone, weak.

He was no more the world’s Savior.

He could no longer sling spaceships

Across the universe

Or defeat Lex Luther with a single Ka-POW!

Superman’s weakness made me love him.

It was what I longed for:

My own father to reveal what he couldn’t fix,

Figure out, or puzzle his way through.

My own mother to speak about the times

She just couldn’t stop crying.

I am their daughter and I too fight with my cape

(and fluttering skirt ‘cuz I’m supergirl).

I am sure I will save my little world.

I loved Superman in his dark despair,

More than any other superhero I can remember.

He was the Christ-figure weeping in the garden for humanity’s loss.

This is where we learn to love:


Superhero in crisis,

My father’s voice cracking,

Mom asking on I-35, “Why do you think we both struggle with depression?”

Vulnerable cracks open wide the hard-hearted child.Tweet This

It’s a good practice to unclip

My cape and lift up the back of my shirt so you can see

My weakness under skin, my pain,

My kryptonite.

Five Minute Friday Retreat

I wrote this post along with the amazing Five Minute Friday crew. Our one-word challenge was WEAK.

Guess what? We’re having a retreat!

Spread the word: Yes, the 2017 Five Minute Friday Retreat is happening!Tweet This

The retreat is July 21-23, 2017, in Kansas City, MO, which happens to be my hometown. Come on over, writing peeps!

More details here.

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February 18, 2017
  • “Vulnerable cracks open wide the hard-hearted child.” Thank you for this gentle exhortation. I feel endeared to Clark Kent side of Superman but struggle to reveal the kryptonite-weak I know intimately.

    I’m visiting (late) from FMF and so glad I came.


    • Hi, Cheryl, thank you stopping. So good to connect with you. Vulnerability is such a lifelong process. So good you are aware! With you in it. 🙂

  • E W Wright

    Thank you for this post, Christina. I am reminded that vulnerability is necessary for connection. I am also reminded of lyrics from the song, “What if we were real” by Mandisa. “We keep tryin’ to make it look so nice
    And we keep hidin’ what’s goin’ on inside
    But what if I share my brokenness
    What if you share how you feel
    And what if we weren’t afraid of this crazy mess
    What if we were real
    What if we were real”

  • Jen

    Wow this is lovely. I tend to agree that Superman is his best when he’s at his lowest… and I love how it ties back to your story. Wonderful!

  • Stephanie Thompson

    What a profound magical post! I love the analogy between superman and Christ. I wonder if anyone has ever written on that symbolism. And then to take it home-recognizing the child in all of us who relate to superheroes but now resonate on a deeper level. Fantastic!

  • Tara Ulrich

    Oh friend, this post spoke to me so much. Weakness does have a way of showing us how to love.