Where I Find Value // Day 22


Value comes when I sit

With God on the couch.

He whispers “Love” in the morning dark.

Value comes in light peeking through

Golden green maple leaves.

Value comes in listening

To sweet six

And seven year olds

Reading slowly,

Stumbling over words.

They look up and smile.

Value is not my blog or you reading it.

Value is pouring out my life

Like hot coffee from French press

As I write longhand on blue lines.

Sip with me and know

You are welcome, you have value

Just by being. Tweet This

Value is as elusive as

The Hope Diamond,

The emeralds in the Smithsonian.

The most beautiful one is often the most ordinary—

Each of us living, walking, breathing through our lives

In quiet

And together.

Value makes no noise. Tweet This

He sees us and says “Beautiful.”

This post is Day 22 of 31 Days of Poetry.

What makes you feel value? Tweet This

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October 22, 2015