The Risk Worth Taking

The Risk Worth Taking- The Big Love Experiment

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The reality for many of us around the holidays is that it’s hard to be present to the people closest to us. Let’s face it: love is messy and requires copious amounts of time and effort. But when we endeavor to love others even when we don’t feel it, a surprising thing happens: we begin to recognize the mark of God’s love for us more deeply.

The Big Love Experiment

Last Christmas I did something that no one has done in our family for years: I invited everyone to our table. Uncles, aunts, and cousins I had not seen for a very long time. Most of us didn’t mesh geographically, politically, philosophically, or spiritually. Despite our differences, I knew someone needed to be brave enough to restart the relational conversation.

I was nervous to step out of my safety zone. What I feared was our history of back-handed hurtful comments and the awkward ambiance in which no one says what they really mean. As I made preparations, I questioned if opening my home and my heart to this family of strangers would create new rivers of pain.

The gathering could either be a great discovery or an explosion like a science experiment gone awry.

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December 14, 2015