Thanks Is This Writer’s Drug {Day 11 :: THANKS}


Writing thank yous on postcards to friends is my thang. It changes how I view my feeble little world and shifts my focus to how amazing the other person is. I remember the tiny ways they’ve touched my life, the hugs they gave, gifts they sent, and encouraging words they spoke over me.

Thanks is addictive, the best kind of drug.

So I’m pretending this page is a postcard, an index of my gratitude to God. I think true acceptance starts there, where we create and pen our thanks into being, just as he created us.

Hey, God, thanks for this journey to write out how much I need you—how I want to see you, experience you daily, all the way down to the bones in my toes.

God, my head knows you love me, and my heart is trying to get it.

Thanks for waking me up to my desperate need for you.

Thanks for making a way for me to escape myself and to live like I’m a pen in your hand as you write your love letter to the world. 

This post is Day 11 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016

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October 10, 2016
  • Intentional thanksgiving is such a perspective altering process. I am reminded, when I pause to give Him thanks, of the truth that He has already done so much for me, if He does nothing else, I have enough to thank Him for, for the remainder of this life and into eternity. Thanks for the reminder.

    • E. You said that so beautifully. If nothing else, let’s thank Him. That really is all that we can do some days. And that IS enough.

  • I’m a pen in Your hand. Wow!!!!

  • “Thanks is addictive, the best kind of drug.” I agree. There’s something about giving thanks that can change your whole perspective esp. if you’re feeling down. Giving thanks helps us remember our blessings! Great post, Christina! Blessings!

  • Love this. I, too, am a thank you card writer – serial snail mail utilizer. It’s the best. I love this thank you note to God. Your soul and your love of Christ are so beautiful, hermana. Keep on keeping on. Elated to write alongside you in #write31days. God bless.

  • Tara

    Ooh I love this. I love to send real mail to my friends; thank yous etc.