Failing the Test: FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 7 :: TEST}


We’re smackdab in the throws of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. It’s Day 7 already! Can you believe it? Today we’re sharing the word prompt with our Five Minute Friday cohorts.

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Words on a Mission

Have you heard about the Five Minute Friday book? Proceeds go to two charitable missions in South Africa. Inspiration for you + help for the hurting. That’s a win-win, if I ever heard of one!its-a-five-minute-fridaybook2-1

Now for Day 7! The word is TEST. Set your timers…


The real test is not what I’m studying for, how I walk, paint, skateboard, fall, or give the real me grace. The test is like an essay, not a multiple choice. There’s no grading scale based on crammed, memorized knowledge. The test of being a well-loved woman is if I will live from that deep river, crashing over rocks into a mighty, beautiful waterfall.

In Oregon, our family clamored up to falls on rainforest trails, peered up at their power and over their crashing heights to the great below.

At one waterfall, I found what appeared to be the missing (rather expensive) flip flop, a match to one my son lost before our trip.

Turns out, it was not.

This one was for the wrong foot.

I kicked myself for believing coincidences happen or little goodnesses like that. The truth is they still do.

They come out in hidden toy bins dumped out, a waterfall of memories, and out comes the matching shoe (post-trip, of course).

I pick it up and remember no one is grading me anymore. This is not high school. I am letting God write this now. I just wish it didn’t feel so much like falling and failing.

This post is Day 7 of Skateboards + Kisses: A Rebellious Poet’s 31 Dates with God, part of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016 writing challenge. 


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October 6, 2016
  • Oh, Christina! I love how you see life and the world around you.
    Loved this: “The test of being a well-loved woman is if I will live from that deep river, crashing over rocks into a mighty, beautiful waterfall.” There is such a depth in your writing. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • What a great story it would have been if the flip-flop would have matched!! Loved your ‘test’.

  • Very poetic and beautiful. Good job! And kuddos to you for writing every day for 31 days! I’m visiting from FMF.

  • “The test of being a well-loved woman…” Oh my, what a test. It would help if I didn’t still approach it as a trembling junior high school kid whose alarm didn’t go off on time.

    Oh, and I so wanted the flip flop to be “the one.” Visiting from FMF#43

    • Thank you for sharing that, Patricia. In it with you. He loves us even in our trembling.

  • Reading this took me back to hiking around several Falls in Oregon a couple of years ago with My Honey! And also this –I love that you had faith to believe that maybe that flip flop was a match… I think God loved that too! And I also love that you found it afterall…

  • Beautiful post. I do believe that God allows us to fail and slip at times. This is all part of the growth process. I am thankful that God goes with us through each and every test.

  • I too struggle often with the feeling that I’m failing or falling at times, which really skews the journey, hey? I love that we can still find the magic though “in hidden toy bins dumped out, a waterfall of memories”… the most unexpected of places 🙂

    • I’m so glad our stories overlap, Emma, especially in how we see the world and experience grace.

  • It sounds like Multnomah Falls ;). That’s one of my favorite rain-forest falls in Oregon! It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to please people by living up to the ‘test.’ Really, there’s only one test in life, though, isn’t there. Do we love.

    • I think it was!! It’s been a few years ago. I’d have to go back through our pics. We saw dozens on that trip;)

  • Aww Christina, I’ve been in that place whee I feel like I’m failing and failing (today, in fact!). Those days especially, make oh, so thankful for God’s grace. And, our mistakes are not failures. They are learning opportunities (spoken as the mom who blew it with a kid today).

    THis summer, on our road tip, my boy left BOTH off his flip flops in a state very far away from our own. I think it’s a boy thing, designed to test their mama’s sanity. 😉

    • That makes me laugh out loud! Our kids would be fast friends then—gabbing and losing their flip flops together!

  • Love this, Christina. And perhaps falling and failing is actually part of passing?

    #2 at FMF this week.

  • Tara

    Oooh yes. I need to let God fully write it for me too.

  • I know we’re supposed to leave some comment about other people’s posts. I want to say “you’re not failing the test” and “let God” and all that. But really, I just want to say, I’ve been there too.