I Love a Good STORM // Day 12


photo by Bobby Hubbard

I need a good driving rain once in a while,

A clean pounding from the sky

To wash out words,


The grit.

I no longer fear


Since a tornado tore

The apple tree’s branches

And left me with nothing to climb

(it took my friend’s treehouse too),

Since my mom and I laid together on my white comforter with the primary colored tulips

While the candle flickered in the windowsill

And the tranquilized dog panted on the floor.

Peace entered the room as a comforting glow

Brought only by the presence of the storm;

I thanked it.

That’s why I need the tempest every once in a while.

These free verse poems are part of 31 days of poetry. Unedited, written in 5 minutes. I am loving this challenge. 

What’s your favorite storm memory?

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October 12, 2015