Welcome to Creative and Free, a place where God knows our stories and imagines them better. 

The Why

My heart is for the creative woman who is still finding herself, who wants God to recreate her life into better and beautiful.  I’m a Jesus lover, wife, mama, friend, and writer, in that order. But that beautiful order has often been skewed by ambition, poor body image, success, fear, depression, and anxiety. I have been the desperate woman who cries to God for a handful of courage.

My story changed when I first started listening to the stories around me, and then honestly telling my own. If you’re stuck, still finding yourself, or just need to prop your feet and sit a while, you’re in the right place.

I’m not all that into small talk, so you will find real words about beauty, hardship, and all the rounded edges in between (what I like to call the nitty gritty). Going deep with people and with God makes life rich and sweet.

The Words

Here you will be inspired and challenged to give yourself a break, to be honest with God, and to know you are part of a spiritual creative community. My greatest desire is for you to feel the freedom of God’s deep love for you.

Are you standing in the middle of a messy life? Me too! There is always a beautiful resistance when we live a forward-moving life. As Andrew Belle writes, “I love you. And all of your pieces.” I imagine that’s what God says as He walks with us through our ordinary days.

The Tribe

Each Friday I send out a newsletter. It includes all the good bits you won’t find elsewhere: stuff I’m reading, exclusive poetry, FREEBIES, and the occasional personal letter. Exclusively for my favorite people. Check it out here.

More about me

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