Why Silence Has Never Served Me // Day 24


Silence has never served me

Just contrained me

Restrained me,

Told me to be afraid

Of not being enough

Or too much.

Just. Not. Right.


Sometimes we don’t say

Because we fear

What we can’t see

Or we can’t be Tweet This

Maybe we know

We will never be.



So we push words down

Without a sound

Only to suffer

And never muster

The strength from saying,

Letting it all out 

Into the light.


We can be free

From this arduous, agonizing fight.

This soul-holding, inner scolding.

It’s never right

To hold your tongue from fear Tweet This

OR feel the need to reach out,

Then pull back,

Never touching,

Never knowing.


Silence can be beautiful, 

When I need it.

I believe in its solace,

Need it’s peace.


But I have to tell you,

Silence will serve me from now on

And not the other way around.

Do you serve silence or does it serve you? Tweet This

This is Day 24 of 31 Days of Poetry.

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October 24, 2015