Your Source for More Power: Master of the Universe-Style

//Fingers plastered to the TV, my little five-year old arm extended, I channeled the power of a classy cartoon. He-Man. “I am the Power,” I chanted with him. The blond-haired super hero-fighter conquered evil with his silver sword. Chiseled arm and goofy skirt. I was his faithful friend, She-Ra. Kissing the TV glass, I just knew I could do anything with the Power.

1985 Cartoon Masters of the Universe: He-Man + She-Ra

Channeling the power is not as easy as letting imaginary strength surge through you.

Or is it?

This week I’ve been really tempted to do more to get the family and me through the next few weeks. We’re taking a big trip overseas, and I’ve been trying to think of every single detail. Packing lists, emergency items, outfits for every kind of weather, hiking shoes, lotion that doubles as sunscreen, snacks, doodle books to keep the kids busy, and everything in between. At the same time, I’ve been trying to schedule out blog posts for when we’re gone, get haircuts for the dog and me, and plan a 12 year-old birthday party. //

As you can imagine, I’ve been stressing myself out trying to do it all. I wake up every morning at 4 a.m. thinking of the travel documents I need to photocopy. I push away the picture of me dragging children who won’t wake up and a mountain of luggage through the Frankfurt airport.

Here’s the irony: every book I pick up, every text I get, every blog post is telling me to STOP.

But I’ve got to get this done! My mind screams. How does a girl get to the ultimate goal (or vacation) when there’s always more to be done?

Chasing more leaves us wasted. Rest is the more sustaining power source.Tweet This

I heard someone once say, “If God wakes you up early, get up and be with Him.” So I lie awake in bed and try to pray. Now more than ever, I know I am no master of the universe. I see that little girl stretching her arm out in faith to grab hold of more. Her prayer, “I am not the power, God. YOU are.”

Five Minute Friday

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday creative challenge. This week our one-word writing prompt is MORE. Find details about our upcoming retreat here.

(// indicates the start and stop of five minutes.)

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April 28, 2017