Little Praise from Such as These {Day 16 :: LITTLE}


It’s strange when I feel little in a sprawling landscape. Here I experience God’s love most intensely. Each time I stand on the wild beach at Point Reyes where swimming is banned with signs. Rip tides cut across the sand. (Is that even possible?)

I am a small soul in a God-filled sea.

I am a shell.

A starfish

Or a whale passing by.

I am created with bones and cells and scintillating scales.

I breathe through gills or a blow hole,

Or maybe I don’t need oxygen at all.

I praise him with my little crab claws.

My dry grassy back bends over dunes.

Once he made me a dwarfish deer,

Who grazed up to the brim of the lighthouse and

Snacked on purple urchin flowers.

I am a little succulent in this wild, wild place.

I soak up the sun after shadows and storms.

This post is Day 16 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2016

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October 15, 2016