Harness the Power of Five and Be a Force for Good


Five, a force for good, and a blip of time in the scheme of eons and lifetimes.

Less than 100, 50, 20, and 10,

Five is greater than 1.

It is the number where change sparks in our souls,

Where focus festers and spurs us to start new things,

Good things,

Transforming works.

Five is a cup of coffee sipped first thing,

img_20160903_085704A white seat under stars, moon, and sun peaking good morning,

Where God says, “I love you.”

Five is a stretch so pain doesn’t implant itself in my spine and my side as a thorn.

It is freedom and healing seizing the day.

Five is hurried cereal, a peck on the cheek, a charge to, “Go be awesome,”

A touch.

Five is a kiss on the lips before the day’s fury fights for our love.

A walk around the block to clear my mind, a good gaze at the sky, and a back to work pep talk.

Five is a phone call, a text, an e-mail to remind me there is more to me than what I do:

It is how I live and whom I love.img_20160904_200030

Five is a tribe of friends spurring each other on to live creative and free.

A flash of light, a recognition of God’s goodness in the backyard garden at dusk.

Five is showing up to this life,

A few minutes of thankful—

Five is the new future.

When Fives Join Forces

Five is a force for good. Tweet This

It’s the theme of my furiously-writing, equally fabulous flash mob of creative wordy friends. It’s the absolute best thing I do with my time all week. We’re a tribe of the greatest sort.

  • #Write31Days: The Five Minute Friday community is teaming up for the third year straight to write 31 days of five minute free writes, kicking off October 1. All the details here.
  • #GrooveToWrite: This week we’ve been priming the creativity pump by linking up our writing playlists. It’s not too late to share your grooves through Sept. 30.

When we unite our forces of five minutes, we can and will change the world. Tweet This31-Days-of-Five-MInute-Free-Writes-Button

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September 23, 2016