Courageously Living Out Your Calling

Who are the courageous creatives who push you to be your best self? Recently I got to hang out with one of my favorite people, the uber-creative Lilah Higgins of The Higgins Creative. She and her husband Zac help creatives design the life they love through branding and web design. She welcomed me on her relatively new podcast Wake to Make. There we chatted about courageously living out our calling and other stuff like:

  • Giving up one dream for another
  • Getting unstuck and changing trajectory
  • How going halfway around the world helped me dive into the writing life
  • The power of community to push into our true selves

Most-excellent Excerpts

It’s okay to quit something for another dream. – Christina

Part of what holds us back from wanting to change and being brave enough to say “hey, this isn’t working I’m going to try something else” is either fear of people and what they’ll think or fear of ourselves. – Lilah

Sometimes we just need to hear someone else say, “It’s okay to stop and do something else.” – Christina

Saying no, is actually saying yes to something else you want to do. – Lilah

I love having the freedom to change. – Christina

If you look at all the old artists of centuries past, they couldn’t care less what the church thought of them or the community thought of them or the country thought of them. They just created art. – Lilah

Your path is not going to be anyone else’s. – Christina

Listen Here

Check out the full conversation here. You can subscribe to the Wake to Make podcast in ITunes here.

Be sure to check out all of the Higgins Creative’s fabulous branding and design options at The Higgins Creative as well asWake to Make Academy. I also love their Facebook tribe for ongoing creative encouragement.

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February 16, 2017