When Comfort Calls (a poem)

//Laying on my white bed, I listened to the voicemail.

A friend talking sense and love and reason,

Things I couldn’t keep gathered in my own arms today.

I kept dropping them, like trying to hold a laundry load of socks

Me, tripping over them, as I climbed stairs,

All. Day. Long.

Some days the chemicals in my brain misfire, swirling in a strange cocktail of overanalysis.

My body responds in tension and pain

And the mystery of being a woman turns me inside out

Like a wrinkly shirt, arms knotted together, front button holes clinging to the wrong buttons.//

Her words were a balm to my wounded spirit, spread three feet in the air,

Maybe it was the blue of my bedroom walls,

But suddenly I was floating in the clearest blue pool

On my back, a girl again.

I closed my eyes and felt warm sun on my nose, wet hair swirling round my ears,

I leaned back, laughing,

When I opened my eyes, my dad was lifting my weightless body up and out of the water

And he threw me in a great arc.

I made a splash,

Went completely under,

Wet-faced with comfort.

She kept talking.

I laughed, crying,

Knowing I’d have to replay the message later

To hear what it was she said.

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday community. This week our one-word writing prompt is COMFORT.

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July 14, 2017
  • Lynne Cole

    Oh Christina! This was lovely. So glad I came a long to read this and feel comforted by your words. Thank you fmf #95

  • Stephanie Thompson

    Christina, I resonate so much with this poem. Adulting is hard. I long for simplicity at times. What a great memory you shared. That moment shaped who you are and brings renewal for the present.

  • Gorgeous! I love your words and feel them deeply. What a lovely heart you have! Thanks for sharing your words with us <3 Keep writing, sister! #fmfparty

  • I always love your words and your heart and your truth. I feel the dropping laundry something deep. Can we burn all the clothes? 🙂 Sending hugs into your weekend goodness.

  • Tara Ulrich

    Oh friend, this is incredible! Your words are freeing like those words of your friend. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to be what the world expects of us. We are freed by love especially God’s love for us. I’m in the 54 spot this week.