Little Brown Bat, Pretending

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Wing Envy: that’s the title of this week’s Tweetspeak poetry prompt. One of my favorite activities at dusk is to thank the bats. Circling our park and backyard, they rid the air of annoying insects. Frequently, our family points out to friends those winged birds are, in fact, bats.

I swoop the sky clean

So two-legged creatures below

Can see and take

Comfort from the giant night light.


I am not ugly,

(Though they would say otherwise.)

I can’t help

My beady eyes,

Nor cryptic mouth.

My stunted furry form

Spans hanglidered fingers

To snatch mosquito, gnat, moth.

I save the world from certain invasion.

They think me a bird.


I am quite beautiful, you know.

Doing what I was made to do.

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August 31, 2017