More Than Hugs and Well Wishes: 5 Ways To Love Book Review (by Lilah Higgins)

“Love is more effort and intention than hugs and wishing others well. It’s the choice to change the way things are by forging a path into the way they could be.” This is the sentence in Christina’s Hubbard’s new book that caught me off-guard. Tears rushed to my eyes because my week had been spent “loving” with this fake love.

And I was exhausted. But not in a good, productive way. And her book came at just the right time.More Than Hugs and Well Wishes #5WaysToLove Book Review by Lilah Higgins

In 5 Ways to Love Like You Mean It, Christina walks us through her personal walk with loving in a real tangible way, giving us practical examples and methods along the way. In poetic, flowing language, the reader is guided along her stories and exhortations in a whimsical and intentional way. She encourages us to embrace the people around us and “look goofy and care nothing except for the glorious moment of together.”

Love is the choice to change the way things are by forging a path into the way they could be.Tweet This

That kind of love is rare and something I plan on pursuing because of Christina’s ebook. For anyone seeking freedom in their relationships, 5 Ways to Love Like You Mean It delves into the secrets pursuing this in our own life, emphasizing the need of being present and open to love: “This isn’t just summer freedom, it’s everyday pockets of time to just be and explore life with liberty.”

As a mother, she walks through the tensions of parenting and admonishes us to laugh in the daily. Even telling hilarious stories of how she teaches her children to laugh as well, which she calls “miracle working for all parties involved.”

Furthermore, she encourages women specifically by encouraging them in their role, “I want my life tied to those around me. This is the purpose of being a woman: being a connector and seeker of better.”

I was so encouraged and heartened with Christina’s new book and I know it will change people’s lives. If you are a human, seeking love, wondering what your purpose is, and needing practical direction in how to embrace and love on the people in your tribe, this book is for you.

About the Writer

Lilah Higgins is a creative soul living in the shadow of Yellowstone National Park with her tech genius & youth group sweetheart and their two tots. She makes art & works to grow and encourage a community of Makers via her small business The Higgins Creative ( and the hashtag #waketomake. She believes that everyone has the opportunity to make good with their hands and the world needs what those hands make. 

What’s your best piece of wisdom for pursing better relationships?

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November 30, 2015